Monday, September 7, 2009

My Gear

I just realized that no where on my business site or blog, do I mention what gear I use for shooting. These are the most important tools (besides my brain and eyes) I have as a photographer, without them, my vision cannot be shared. 
-2 Nikon Sb-800's (link takes you to the SB-900 which replaced the 800 last year)
For a backpack, I usually use the Burton f:stop pack, this pack allows me to carry a LOT of gear for shoots, and was made to be used for skiing and snowboarding photography. The other pack I use is a Dakine Sequence, which I have jumped off of cliffs in excess of 40 feet high, with absolutely no damage to any gear.

 Now, I know that there are so many people out there who like to join in on the Nikon vs. Canon battle. The battle of the camera titans is interesting, but benefits users of both. I feel like it flops every year or so between which company has a better lineup. As one company comes out with a new technology, the other one releases it soon after. This constant push to beat out the other company drives the quality and technology to greater levels. As far as I am concerned, Nikon and Canon both have their advantages and disadvantages (though I will alway's be partial to Nikon which has more advantages for me).

The main reason I chose Nikon from the start, was because I was using their point-and-shoots and was very happy with the results. From there on, I have loved the system, and find more and more advantages by the day. After using a Canon 5d Mark II recently, I decided that the controls, and overall comfort/ease of use of the Nikon system is much better. The AF is significantly faster. The image quality is equally incredible. And the menus have more options allowing tech geeks like me, more control. 

 All of this is very important stuff, but to me, the most important part of the equation is how the image looks at the end. The images look amazing from both systems, but the usability of the Nikon wins this competition for me every time. Below is a list containing the gear that I use and firmly believe in.

This list contains most things, but as I look around (and buy more gear), I will post more.


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