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Introduction to AllPhotoBuzz
My Gear

Camera Basics 101 Series:
A beginner series teaching all the basics.

1.  Focusing 101
2.  Shutter Speed 101
3.  Aperture 101
4.  ISO 101
5.  RAW 101
6.  Extreme Sports
7.  Tips for mountain biking photography
8.  Shooting for the LOVE of Shooting
9.  White Balance 101
10. Radio Triggering 101
11. Cleaning your camera's sensor
12. Backup your drives!
13. Fireworks
14. Skateboarding 101
15. Zen Photography and the Multiple Flash Approach
16. Composition 101
17. Setting flashes up on uneven ground
18. Great place to go learn how to shoot professionally
19. It's all in the location and style!

Video Training:
1. Make your photos pop with lab mode in photoshop
2. Selectively brighten shadows in an image using photoshop
3. Remove Logos From Your Images

Editing Basics:
1. Raw Conversion with Lightroom
2. Dodge and Burn

Free Lightroom 3 Presets:
1. Fall *PoP* Presets
2. Grunge Presets
3. Cold and Warm Grit Presets
4. Action *PoP* Presets

Advanced Shooting Skills:

1. The art of delicate light balance
2. Anatomy of an image #1
3. Anatomy of an image #2
4. Anatomy of an image #3
5. Anatomy of an image #4
6. Anatomy of an Image #5
7. Anatomy of an Image #6
8. Architectural Photography
9. Sunny 16 rule
10. Shooting HDR
11. Balancing fill flash with ambient light (Architectural advice included)
12. Creating soft and even light

Tips Articles:

1. Top 20 Random Tips
2. Top 20 Things I wish I had known when I started out
3. Do's and Dont's of Skiing Photography
4. Tips for Mountain Biking Photography
5. Tips for shooting Lacrosse
6. Inspiration to make you a better photographer.
7. Shoot what you love to shoot!
8. 10 Tips for shooting action sports like a seasoned pro
9. Don't Give Up!
10. Skiing Shoot Tips for Any Day
11. 5 Great Posts on Skiing Photography
12. Shoot for Fun!  Not Just Money.
13. 10 Tips That Will Take Your Skateboard Photography to the Next Level
14. Bret Edge's Five Steps to Better Photography
15. Get Outta that Funk!  Go Shoot!
16. 10 Awesome Photography Articles and Tutorials for Learning and Inspiration

Product Reviews and Impressions:

1. LensBaby First Impression
2. AlienBees
3. LensBaby Lens System Full Review
4. The Curse and Blessing of New Gear
5. Rechargeable Sanyo Eneloop Batteries
6. Yet another IPad post for the net...
7. Nik Software HDR Efex Pro Reviewed

Marketing Skills:

1. Cold Calls
2. The update e-mail. What it is, and how it will improve your business.
3. Self-promotion (Photoplus expo and my trip to NYC)
4. Advice for making more sales, TODAY
5. Enter competitions to create a name for yourself
6. Creating a Portfolio the right way
7. Magazine Submittal Season
8. Eliminating the "Specialty work mindset" (Sell your work to the world!)
9. Marketing your Photography is Not as Obscure as You May Think

Running Your Business:
If you are starting as a professional, or have been at it for a while, read these to learn what you will need to know.

1. Pricing (Your Professional life depends on it!)
2. Up and Down Days
3. Start selling stock today and see why it's so great for photographers
4. Every pro needs a professional website
5. Calibrating your monitor
6. Learning necessary photography skills
7. Something to keep in mind when you start out.
8. The Ins-and-outs of Event Photography
9. Keep it simple and remember why you love photography!
10. Get Published in Magazines!!
11. Find your inner peace with good pricing and great clients
12. Handling your finances (estimates-through-actual profits)
13. Real Estate Photography: Lucrative and Easy to Market
14. Purchasing only what is necessary to run a great business
15. Selecting shots for magazine submittals
16. Shooting Stock: Tips and Ideas
17. Business Cards and Branding for your Photography Company
18. Get Sponsored!

Photographers Blogs You Should Follow:

1. Joe McNally
2. Focal Flame Photography
3. Chase Jarvis


1. Certain Camera Settings will lower your continuous shot quantity
2. The High ISO revolution
3. The 50mm prime, and why you need one
4. More Accurate and Sensible Focusing for your Nikon or Canon

Photoshop Techniques:

1. Shadows/Highlights Masking with Photoshop CS4
2. HDR imagery
3. Use Photoshop Smarter with Configurator
4. Make your photos *POP* like the pros do!
5. Photoshop 101: Sharpening
6. Photoshop Actions: Speed up your computer time
7. Layering exposures in Photoshop

Shoot Journal:
Not only do these cover my experiences during a day of shooting, but also offer MANY useful tips/advice on capturing photos and what to do when things go wrong (believe me they will!)

1. Ladies restroom photography, need I say more?
2. Skateboard Denver
3. Setting up a Stock shoot
4. Portrait Under Bridge/ Moving into the new neighborhood with a bang!
5. Senior Portraits (with explanation of setup)
6. Spontaneous shopping cart shoot
7. Sunny day mountain biking stock shoot
8. Firefighter Training
9. Frost Bite, Gray Skies, and Photography
10. Forest Fires
11. Crankworx bike finals and the sunny 16 rule
12. Crankworx bike part deux
13. Crankworx bike part 1
14. Keystone DH biking photo shoot
15. Commissioned day shoot at Winter Park
16. Desert Stock Photography
17. Teva Mountain Games: Day 1
18. Teva Mountain Games: The Rest of the Story
19. Slack Lining
20. Winter Park Day Shoot
21. Real Estate Shoot: Main House, Carriage House, Hot Tub, All in One Shot
22. Studio Portrait Session

Photo Challenges:
It's important to challenge yourself as a photographer and always seek improvement!

1. PhotoMerge Challenge Pitch
2. PhotoMerge Challenge- My Results (advice for creating a merge)

Photo Events/Competitions:

1. Worldwide Photo Walk (Yearly)
2. LumiQuest Photo Comp (Monthly)