Friday, July 10, 2009

Welcome to!!!

If you just found this site, great work!!! You are way ahead of the rest of the world!!

This site is going to be a great place to learn all aspects of amateur and professional photography. I will be posting stories from many of my action sports, lifestyle, and architectural shoots. You will also see diagrams that show my specific lighting techniques and how I capture a certain photo. There will be updates about the latest gear and photography trends, and links to photographers websites that are unique and inspirational. Also, lessons in photoshop will be well written and will take your photography to the next level. Through this site you can keep up with the life of a professional photographer, and learn the business along with me. Finally, I will talk about different methods of marketing, and business promotion.

ALL aspects of professional photography will be covered here!

To view my portfolio, please head on over to and check out some of my greatest work!

Thank You for visiting, and please check back frequently for updates.

-Connor Walberg


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