Saturday, August 8, 2009


Need a studio lighting setup, but don't have the budget for a profoto, or elinchrom kit? That's where I was last summer. I wanted something with far more power than my Nikon SB-800 flash. After doing some research, I found Alienbees. Not only did the company have a very cool name, but they also allowed me to purchase strong, professional lighting, for very cheap!! I paid $359 for my B1600 flash heads, and about $299 for the portable power pack. Not a bad deal considering I paid over $400 for my SB-800 initially. The Nikon is far more portable and works better for carrying on my bike, or while I ski. But for setting up photos of night skiing near the road, or for event photography, the extra power makes the Alienbees my first choice. The B1600 has 640w/s of light, and is adjustable from full power to 1/32. It features a modeling lamp, and has very consistent white balance at different power outputs. the vagabond battery pack makes it portable, and gives me over 1000 shots at full power with one unit. You can also plug a power strip into the pack and power several flashes at a time. I highly recommend the Alienbees setup as a very solid and professional system for anyone serious about lighting!


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