Monday, October 5, 2009

Moving into a new neighborhood with a bang!

Come on Vail Police, is three officers the best you have??!!  Your going to need more than that to take Daniel and I out of business!  (At least that's what I would have said if I was more of a badass).

I had just finished moving into my new neighborhood on Saturday evening.  Sunday I needed a shot of myself with my LumiQuest gear for an upcoming ad campaign.  Luckily I had an idea for a location that was just outside my apartments window, under a bridge.  My friend Daniel Milchev (Check out his AMAZING work at was on hand to help capture the photo.  We walked over to the bridge around 9 PM last night with two LumiQuest Softbox III's (For soft even light that allows me to look beautiful) on Nikon Sb-800's, and a LumiQuest FXtra gel pack (For creating a red light on the wall behind me) on a Nikon Sb-600.   We captured the shots using the Nikon Creative Lighting System which allows settings for flashes to be changed in camera, and automatically determines the necessary amount of light for each flash group.

When we arrived at the location, we immediately noticed the wall covered in graffiti.  This would make a  great backdrop for the shot!  I stepped into position, holding the Softboxs in each hand, and with the gel on a flash right next to and behind me.  Daniel controlled camera and flash settings, and was shooting my Nikon D300 with the 50mm Nikkor 1.8D (One of the sharpest, cheapest lens you can buy).  

We decided that we were almost done and were going to shoot 1-2 more shots just as a precaution, when the shoot took an interesting turn.  Two flashlights came peaking around the corners under the bridge, and a loud "POLICE" was yelled at us.  Though this may be shocking the first time it happens, I'm fairly used to it by now due to shooting urban skiing on rails at night.  The police had received a call from one of my new neighbors (thank you whoever you are, now everyone will know me as the troublemaker).   Daniel and I had to leave the location, and carry the flashes up to meet with the police.  By this time there were three squad cars and officers because it must have been a slow night.  Or maybe because other photographers were out and they had the whole force on looking for those troublemakers. The officers ran our ID's (thankfully no warrants out for me or Daniel).  And told us that this looked suspicious.  They also checked for spray paint cans because they believed we had painted the graffiti.  We were drilled with questions and were asked repeatedly why we would be shooting under a bridge. Finally they left, and we called it a night.  Today I will probably meet my neighbors, and hopefully they will know me already from my reputation due to the "Grand Entrance"!


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