Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Every pro needs a professional website

Let's face it, the internet is not the fad that Dwight from The Office claims it is.  It is here to stay.  I've now had a website for over 3 years, and have finally designed one that I feel really represents my work, you can view it at www.cnwphoto.com.  After looking at sites I liked on the web I found one that really stood out to me.  It's professional photographer Cole Barash's site at www.colebarash.com.  I noticed at the bottom that it was created by a company called Livebooks. They are running a free 14-day trial, and after that, it only costs $39 a month.  Not too bad for the photographer with little time to manage a site, and not much experience with design.

This is definitely what I would use if I was not experienced with Dreamweaver.  I decided to setup a site for myself using the trial time on Livebooks, and see how well their system works.  The site I built took less than 15 minutes to fully create!  It was very easily customized, and allowed me to post as many portfolios as I needed.  I highly recommend Livebooks for ANY photographer looking to showcase their work professionally.

If your making your way into the industry, and have some work you are proud of, then get started on your site immediately.  No plans or extensive technical skills required!  That $39 a month will be paid off with the first job you land!  However, if you are experienced with web design, I built my site using Dreamweaver and an awesome image gallery program called Jalbum.


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