Thursday, December 31, 2009

A lack of posts? Has he quit photography? How have I survived without allphotobuzz updates???

Yes, yes, yes... hmm... these are all great questions.  I'll start with the first one, it's true that posts have been lacking lately on this site.  The answer is a simple one though, I have been well but very busy over the holidays.  Trying to balance family/friends/work/skiing/fun at this time of the year can be overwhelming.  But I am back now, and will have regular posts every day to every other day!  Now for the next question , "has he quit photography?".  The answer is a loud, bold, screaming at the top of my lungs "NOOOO!!!"  Photography is my LIFE, if you decide to become a photographer it will consume your life too.  New technology, techniques, subjects, clients, and many more will take over your life.  I've been slacking lately on the blog posts, but I'M  BACK BABY!!  And I am more determined then ever to share my knowledge with the world.

Look for exciting new posts in coming weeks, including "on location techniques for architectural photography", a LensBaby products review, photoshop techniques, shooting techniques, new technology, handling clients, and every other aspect of a photographer's life that you could think of!  Check back regularly for new posts, and a fully revamped site with easier links to teach you what you want to learn.  Enjoy!!!

Here are a few sample images from a photo shoot this past week:


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