Thursday, April 1, 2010

Business Cards and branding for your photography name/company


Every professional photographer should have business cards.  They are affordable and effective!  I use Overnight Prints to create mine and have been very happy with the results.  Your card should reflect your work and style accurately and creatively.  When someone picks it up, you want to hear: "WOW!  What a cool card!"  Below is some advice for how to make this happen, and to effectively brand your business.

Here's what you should do when creating business cards:

-Use a creative design that closely relates to your website.  This helps clients remember your name.

-Keep the design simple.  If you overcomplicate it, or add too much information, people will simply overlook the card.

-Create double-sided cards, this way the client sees an image right away and gives the card a more serious look-over.

-Place 1-2 very strong images on the card that will show up well at such a small size.  If the main focus of the image is too small, don't use it on your card!

-If you create a unique logo, put it on everything (website, twitter, blog, cards, envelopes, etc.)  Its important to spread it everywhere so that people begin to identify it right when they see it.

-Select any options when purchasing cards that will make them stand out.  For me I always use rounded corners (you won't see this in the pictures above and below because it is performed during print).  It barely costs any more, but will make your cards stand apart from other photographers.

-Use a glossy card if that's your style, or a matte card if your more of an earthy type.  Matte cards are also nice because they cost less and won't hold your fingerprints.  However, glossy are great to showcase your images.

-Order in bulk right away.  You never know when an opportunity may arise requiring bulk cards.

-Include cards in all CD cases and with all envelopes you send out.  This gives the client something to file away with your information on it.

-You won't need your twitter, facebook, or blog on your card.  Place a link to each of those on the homepage of your site.  This way the card is less cluttered, and the client will still see these options.

-Pass out cards to everyone you speak with, you never know where a new client may come from.

-Create multiple cards for different specialties.  I have an architectural card, along with my action sports card designed for different clients.

Another great marketing material is the larger leave-behind.  I use postcard size prints in a glossy finish to showcase a few of my best images.  It's the same thing as a giant business card and will help you stay in the clients head after you leave.  They cost a little more, but are definitely worth the price.  Also include these with CD's that you mail to new clients.  If you have done work with the client several times you don't need to include one but may get more work by throwing it in.

As you can see, a lot of thought should be put into designing your business cards.  A poor design will reflect poorly on you.  As a photographer you should have your best images on the card.  Amazingly enough there are some photographers that don't place any imagery on theirs...  Don't be one of them!


That's the BUZZ for Today!  Please check back soon for more.


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