Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Photographer's blogs you should follow: Joe McNally

This is a new section of APB, where I recommend top or up-and-comer photographers with great blogs.  If you think you fit this description, please e-mail me and I'll check yours out!

You have to start a new series of posts with a bang, and for me, Joe McNally is the man, myth, and legend.  He is at the top of the photography world, and is a household name for many.  His portfolio is truly incredible, check it out here.  His articles are very entertaining and offer a ton of helpful advice (especially small flash related).

Joe has written 3 books, and I highly recommend the Hot Shoe Diaries for photographers getting off-camera hot shoe flash.   Prepare to see incredible work from all around the world, shot for his many A-List clients.  This blog is sure to impress, and his tips will change your photography game.

Check out the Joe McNally blog here

And a cool post with mountain biking shots in Moab, UT here.


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