Sunday, July 4, 2010

Camera Basics 101: Fireworks

Capturing great images of fireworks may happen with the first shot, or take a lot of practice.  Fortunately, the displays last long enough that you will get some great shots!  Here's a few tips:


- Set your camera up on a sturdy tripod and don't bump it while exposing.
- Experiment!!  Try anything you can think of.
- Shoot long exposures, and put a dark object (i.e. lens cap, construction paper) in front of the lens.  remove it when a good firework is full size and quickly move it back in front to block others.  This way it is like you are constructing the image with the fireworks you select.
- Set your focus at infinity and it will probably be dead on.


- Bring a good wide angle and get in close.
- Use water for reflections of low fireworks to add to the image greatly.
- Compose the image with an interesting silhouette.
- Shoot with a high-ISO, wide-open aperture, and long shutter if you want to capture the scenery as well as the fireworks.  Use the opposite if you are just hoping to capture the fireworks burst.
- Experiment with pulled focus, and focus blur.  Use a shorter exposure and spin the barrels, you may find some great results.
- Add something of interest to your photo.  Just showing fireworks has been done time and time again.  Shooting the fireworks with a lake, or a monument, however adds a lot of interest and gives the image location.
-Mix in flash on a subject with the long exposure, who knows, it may look great!

The most important thing to remember with fireworks, is to experiment!!  This is true in all aspects of photography.  If you shoot the same as everyone else you will never be different, and it's tougher to make a name for yourself.

Have fun, and Happy 4th of July!!!

Fireworks shot 7-3-10 from Connor Walberg on Vimeo.

That's the BUZZ for Today!  Please check back soon for more.


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