Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Inspiration to make you more successful as a photographer!

It's been a bit of time since the last post, and I'm sure the wait has been almost unbearable for many loyal APB fans.  I've been off shooting Crankworx Colorado with barely enough time for sleep each night, and will have posts all about it later this week!  I've also been on a custom film/photo shoot sponsored by Red Bull to shoot Dirt Jumping on Mountain Bikes.  And finally, I'm now sitting at home trying to heal my mouth after having my wisdom teeth removed. Whew, what a week!


This is something I've noticed and been faced with all along in my career, and it's an issue every photographer will have to face.  The issue at hand?  Other photographers talking about never making money, or how there is NO money in the industry that your trying to break into.  The reality of this?  There is money, and you should stick with what you know how to shoot and love to shoot.  If you stick with your passion, I guarantee you will one day succeed.  It might take 5 years just to get it rolling, but it will be worth the wait when your loving your job every day!

Photographers that are telling you "don't even bother with this industry, theres no money"  have no idea what they are doing, or just had some bad luck (most likely bad marketing....) and that's why they've given up on it.  These people are serious downers.  They will make you question what your doing, and think about changing industry.  Don't do this!

Instead, hear them out, don't argue, and laugh about it later.  You will prove them wrong.  You will do better then them by far with a positive attitude.  One of the things these people don't understand is that you can sell your images outside of the industry.  What?  I can sell my skiing photos outside of the main ski companies?  Yes, this is true!  And that is often where the money lies.  Look in many magazines or commercials and you'll see Gatorade ads with extreme action photos, watch ads with skiers going off cliffs.  Sometimes the best representation for a rugged or "extreme" product, is an extreme shot having not much to do with it.

Think about all of your options, and pay attention to different magazines that have nothing to do with what your shooting.  There are BILLIONS of image needs out there.  Why should you not be targeting every one you can?  Think outside the box and you will succeed where these "downers" are failing.  Don't get washed up and if you ever start to doubt that you'll make it, get out of that rut, shoot some images, and market them everywhere.  You will make it!  Keep that in mind and work hard.

It's easy to think that the market is saturated with better photographers then you.  Keep working at it and you will get better images then them.  The sky is the limit and since we are all human, we can all do anything that anyone else can, and even more.

The best photographers sometimes make the least money due to poor marketing, don't be one of them.  The worst photographers sometimes make the most money because of great marketing, don't be one of them.  Alway's strive to do better and be more creative, while still marketing everywhere you can think of.

Finally, never be afraid of rejection.  Whether it's because the company doesn't like the image, or simply don't have a need for it, it's not a big deal if they don't use it.  Someone else will!!  It's a huge world with lots of imaging demands that you can market too if you have the courage and skill.

Ignore "downer" photographers and let your passion run your life and business.  If you don't have passion or care about what you do you'll never be successful, even if you make an exorbitant amount of money.  Happiness is also success, not just wealth.

So ends my rant, hopefully this helps inspire like I hope it does.  Get off your couch and make it happen, you have it in you to be the best!

That's the BUZZ for Today!  Please check back soon for more.


Joel Gratz said...

A good pick-me-up, buddy. Well said, and your passion for photography and being successful shines through!

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