Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Life can be crazy sometimes, and a million thoughts go through my head every day with new ideas for where to take my photography.  Things like sponsorship, setting up shoots, current shoots, editing, people to contact, places to send sample images, and new ways to market.  These really build up and amount to a lot of work!

This is where the "all-important and never-ending list of success" comes in.  You may call yours something different (I'm thinking I should get that trade-marked...)  In the past I've had many great ideas, and then only let them slip through my mind because of other work that must be done first.
Lists will organize your life as a photographer.  I've tried using programs on my computer, including digital calendars, but to my surprise, a simple list on my desk works the best.  It's something to actually look at, and physically cross off completed tasks.  Plus it's always sitting right there, even when my computer is off.

Try organizing it in the order of most important, to least important tasks.  Remember, just because a project is big, doesn't mean it's the most important task at hand.  Clients can't always have their work pushed through first when there are multiple projects still in the editing process before them.

Add every idea that you have that may get your name out there more, and when a list has most things crossed off, start a new one with the remaining tasks.  I've gone through hundreds of full page lists over the last couple years, and really feel that this is a big driving factor in my career.  Not only am I adding objectives that NEED to get done, but I also place tasks that could potentially lead to more sales on the list. Every small thing makes a difference!

Start making that list, and watch your career advance.  It sounds so simple that it's almost stupid, but will honestly help your career get rolling and hone in your direction and focus as a photographer.

That's the BUZZ for Today!  Please check back soon for more.


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