Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ski Season is HERE! 5 Great Posts On Skiing Photography +1 MUST-READ APB POST

  • Flash Compensation :  Posted this one mainly because the photo is great and was captured with on-camera flash by a well-known skiing photographer: Yves Garneau.  The article is short but covers pop-up fill flash for a quick lifestyle photo.
  • Ski Photography Tips  :  This article contains 10 helpful tips for people just learning to shoot skiing.  The only one I would discard is to keep your camera warm.  I keep mine in my pack and the batteries still last for several thousand shots, seems like a very out-dated suggestion with the new batteries.
  • Jack Affleck Interview :  A great article by famous Vail photographer, Jack Affleck.  Almost every Vail ad photo you've seen in the last 10-20 years was taken by him.  This is some solid advice!
  • Grant Gunderson Interview :  This is an interview with photographer Grant Gunderson who is consistenly published in all the top ski magazines.  He has some solid advice in there and it's a motivational read.
  • :  Probably the TOP ski photographer and most well known.  Chris O' Connell's blog covers all his cool shots.  There's a lot to see here so look around and prepare for motivation and inspiration to shoot more!


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