Monday, December 27, 2010

Yet another Apple IPad photography post for the net.....

I'm not going to bore you by repeating the specs of the IPad and how amazing it is in this post.  Instead, I thought I'd offer a short and sweet list of why I already love the IPad I just got for Christmas, and how I see it being helpful to any photographer.

#1:  It seems like it will be a great way to show a little portfolio to new/potential clients, and will always be current unlike my print portfolios.... which are easy to go WAYY too long without adding new and better images.  Just make sure and keep your galleries concise with your 10-20 BEST EVER images.

#2:  I downloaded a sweet task manager program called To Do.  It was $1 and is replacing my planner and multiple task lists on my desktop.  Gone are the day's of notes all over the place.  I set my due date and time and every morning I will check it to see what MUST get done that day.  Organization at it's finest, and it's easy to bring with me wherever I go.

#3:  Tethered shooting!  I have yet to try this as I don't have a cord, but can't wait to test it out.  Should be a great option for on-location. ( I will post about this once I receive the cord.)

#4:  There is model release software.  This also works on the IPhone and the camera on the phone will take a picture for the release as well.  Soo much better then carrying around a stack of model releases.  The program is called EasyRelease and is accepted by Getty!

#5:  E-mail management anytime, anywhere.  Replying to e-mails on my phone is too much of a pain most of the time due to the small screen for typing.  The IPad is easy to type on, and was very simple to setup with all my e-mail accounts.

#6:  Movies and games.  Ok, so this one is very indirect... But when your on planes traveling to shoots, the entertainment is awesome!

#7:  Battery Life.  It lasts for hours and hours, unlike most laptops (pc's especially...hmm hmm.)

Those are the features I see being most useful to photographers.  As I find more I will update this list.  Now go buy one.  End sales pitch......


Brennan Sheremeto said...

no cord required for tethered shooting on the ipad, wireless is always better

heres a how to

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