Thursday, January 13, 2011

AlienBees VagaBond Mini In House!

Just received the brand new AlienBees Vagabond Mini Lithium Power Pack.  WOW!!  For a few years now I've been lugging around the beast (Vagabond II) which weighs in at a whopping 18.6 lbs.  The new mini is just 3.5lbs!

My back say's, "thank you", my chiropractor say's "NOOO!!"  The crazy thing? This power pack shoots almost as many shots per charge as the huge Vagabond II, and is about 1/4 of the size and weighs about 75% less.  I'll have a more in depth review coming soon, but I can tell you now that this is a HUGE change for the better for me.  Now I won't have an excuse to leave my Bee's at home.  Also, it makes NO SOUND when it charges.  For users of the older II, the annoying whine is gone with this.  It also generally does not make a sound when shooting until it's been fired a lot or if it's hot outside.  SWEET!  And no, alienbees has not paid me for this, I only blog about what I truly believe in.

BTW... It's backordered, and if history repeats itself, will probably be backordered for several months.  I'd still say to get on the order list on the off chance that they were more prepared for this unit than the Einstein flash heads......


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