Thursday, April 14, 2011

Action Photo School

The rumors are true, if there were any rumors...  dang.... should have started some rumors first!!  I've started a website with action photographer extraordinaire, Daniel Milchev.  The website is called Action Photo School and is located here: It embodies everything action (skate, surf, ski, board, bike, etc..) and includes ton's of techniques for capturing, editing, and marketing action images.  It's even got a forum at for you to discuss action photography technique with me, Daniel, and everyone else who is joining!  There's a TON of articles already on the site to keep you entertained.

We can't wait to hear feedback from everyone regarding the site and are very excited about this, thanks for following All Photo Buzz, which WILL CONTINUE TO EXIST, but with less frequent posts (though more frequent than the last 2 months...) and we hope you will follow Action Photo School too!  If you like it, please click the like link on specific articles that you enjoy, or on the homepage.  We have a facebook page too that you'll find in the top bar, along with our twitter.  Enjoy!



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