Sunday, August 23, 2009

Firefighters, training, just plain luck.

I don't know how much longer this luck of mine can last! I feel like everything just seems to work out with whatever I'm doing. The other day I shot photos of Firemen training in Gypsum, CO. My friend Daniel Milchev ( and I went to the airport in Gypsum hoping to gain access and shoot photos of a fireman training exercise involving a bus that was set on fire. The training was on the airport runway and fenced in. An airport worker told us that there was no way we could be granted access. We were really flying by the seat of our pants on this one.
We walked around the fence until we found an OK spot to capture a few photos. Quickly though we became discouraged as the location was not allowing anything special. Just as we began packing our stuff up and heading back to the car, a man calls us over to the gate to speak with him. He asked us who we were shooting with, and I told him we were with the local newspaper. We were told to follow a fire vehicle to another gate, where we were escorted down the runway straight to the scene!! There was a truck with a high platform on it, and we climbed up and captured some great shots of everything.
The lesson to be learned here: BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING! Photography will never go as planned, and more research will go a LONG way. The lighting is never in your favor, and sometimes you will have no access to using flashes. We came to the job unprepared, and got lucky this time. I still am amazed that it worked out. Two of my shots were published in the local newspaper (Vail Mountaineer) ironically. Though my posts have become fewer and farther between, I am now back on my game. Look for daily posts here on out, and thank you for reading!


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