Thursday, September 3, 2009

Creative Thought and Execution Challenge 1

Today I decided that I should come up with some sort of extremely creative and unique shot. The final product may be a composite of a few images, but will hopefully come out great. I don't have my plan of attack yet, but if your a photographer and are reading this, you should try this challenge.
The whole idea, is to first design a shot with pen and paper, and draw it out as you envision it should look. It may be a good idea to draw in your lighting plan, but I usually like to make that part up as I go along. From there, capture the shot (or shots), and complete the process in photoshop. This will be a fun challenge, and should lead to some very unique images. If you want, you can send your final image to me at and I can post it on the blog.
I will be posting my results tomorrow. Good luck!


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