Sunday, September 20, 2009

Spontaneous shopping cart shoot

8 PM: Model arrives, no image is planned, lets brainstorm!
8:30 PM: Driving around using headlights looking for random location.
8:35 PM: Decided on shot! Shopping cart in the woods with model asleep and posing in it!

From here, we had to decide the best way to "borrow" a shopping cart from the grocery store. This involved dropping the model off, having him take a cart around back, driving to the road up a hill behind the store, and hiking up it with the cart. For future reference, metal shopping carts are freaking heavy and awkward to load on top of a Toyota Corolla's bike rack. Without bungie cords we managed to strap it down with the bike tire straps. Surprisingly no damage was done to my car, and the cart barely moved.
I knew a 4wd road nearby that we could access via back roads so as not to be stopped by the police(they would not understand that we were just borrowing the cart). The road was definitely not meant for a corolla, but we managed to get pretty far up it, and shoot with the cart.
For these shots, I used 2 nikon SB-800's on the sides, my Quantum Battery packs, a Lumiquest Softbox III on the right, and a Lastolite Trigrip Diffuser, and silver panel on the left. I would set the camera on self timer, then run and hold the trigrips. For most of the shots I fired at ISO 100, F/4.5, and a shutter speed of 1/50th. The temperature was in the upper 40's Fahrenheit, so the shoot did not last too long. Not bad for a random night with no plan whatsoever! My advice from this shoot: It's better to go out and shoot with no plan at all, than to forget the shoot altogether. Also, look everywhere for props and unique locations! This shoot was finished by 10:30 PM, and the cart was safely delivered back to the store. Gotta love free props!

One more note: The images above are all unedited RAW files(I will be editing and updating them soon!)


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