Thursday, September 17, 2009

Monitor Calibration- 101

Heres some advice that everyone should learn from the start that is often overlooked. When you are editing your photos on a monitor, there are a thousand different settings, and qualities between monitors that can cause the color to be rendered differently. If your monitor is too bright, when a client opens your photo on their computer, it will look too dark. This is true the other way around as well. Some monitors have more contrast, which can also throw off your editing and cause colors to look incorrect on someone else's correctly calibrated monitor. Many people can "get by" using their monitors presets, or the adobe gamma calibration. Though this may work occasionally, it is not a professional solution. I highly recommend purchasing a monitor calibrator, and consistently calibrating your screen. The one that I use and recommend is called the Pantone Huey Pro. It is very easy to learn, inexpensive, and will automatically adjust to the light levels in your edit room as they change. If you spend any time editing images at all, this is one investment that cannot be overlooked!


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