Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NYC, ATM machines, and things you should never leave home without(unlike me)

Today I arrived in NYC for the Photoplus Expo!  It's my first time to the big apple so I'm really excited and am walking around with my mouth open starring up at all of the extremely tall buildings.  The weather is great, the food meets everyones rave reviews, and the traffic is ridiculous.  It's great to finally be here after a fairly hectic morning.  As it turns out, ATM machines will steal your debit card if you enter the wrong PIN number too many times.  I entered the code I thought was correct, tried a few variations, had the machine eat my card, then immediately remembered what the correct code was.  One of the MANY lessons to be learned from this, is to prepare earlier next time, and to get cash for the trip a day or two before instead of 6:30 AM the morning of.
Lesson #2:  Never leave your home without your business cards..... I forgot mine for the single biggest photo event to occur during my career, and realized this on the airplane.
Lesson #3: If said business cards are forgotten, immediately call up someone who has a key to your home and have them overnighted to big photography event.
Lesson #4: Don't forget cards in the first place... I know this is just a variation of lesson #2, but it is twice as important as Lesson #3.
And finally Lesson #5: Never trust a machine that will magically give you money simply by inserting a card and entering a code.  Especially when you have forgotten said code.

This is all the advice I have to offer.  Now it's time for me to head out, explore the city, and capture some night photos!


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