Saturday, November 21, 2009

The High-ISO Revolution and why every photographer should jump on board

The new line of pro cameras with full frame sensors are allowing image capture at ISO's that never have even existed.  With both the new Nikon D3S and Canon's new 1D Mark IV bringing that amount to ISO 102,400!!!  The shots at this ISO are not very usable, but allow for shooting at fairly fast speeds in the dark!

One of my favorite shots to capture is a starred out sun with an athlete flying through the frame.  For me this shot has always been a compromise.  I trade noise for a perfect sun and a well-lit athlete.  Now with the new pro model I can capture the athlete at f/16 ISO 800(or higher) and a fast shutter speed to stop the action, with almost no noise!  For any event work/concert work, the fast lens will not be as large of an issue with one of these cameras.  The opportunities are limitless!

I will be purchasing the new D3S in the coming month and will be posting shots from it, along with video and video tutorials on this blog as soon as I can.  I look forward to offering viewers of a new medium(video) to learn photography.  Enjoy!


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