Friday, December 4, 2009

Up and Down days.

Every job has it's ups and downs and photography is no exception. Occasionally I will find myself sitting at home wondering why my career is not where I think it should be, and if I'm really good enough to make a living off photography.  This is normal.  It's easy to get on top of the world one day, and then lose all confidence the next.

So here's my idea, take those bad days, and work hard.  The harder you work, the less bad days you will have.  If no one is responding to your e-mails, try calling a company.  It may seem daunting at first, but once you've made a few sales calls, it becomes WAY easier.   Study up on current trends, read some photo books, and most importantly, PICK UP YOUR CAMERA.  Those salable shots are not going to make themselves happen.

One really helpful activity, is to make a list of all the resources you have access too for shooting.  You may surprise yourself and realize that you have lots of friends that are willing to do different sports/activities for the camera.  Make as in-depth a list as you possibly can, and make sure you shoot everything that is viable on that list.  Schedule shoots with your friends/willing models whenever you have time.  It never hurts to shoot extra stock (especially if stock is your business!!)

The time to make yourself a better and more successful photographer is NOW.  Sitting around fretting about how things are not going the way you want, or that you are not making enough cash-money to live off, will not fix the problem.  Get out today, make sales calls, send e-mails, and set up a shoot!


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