Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Photographer's blogs you should follow: Focal Flame

In this huge tangled web that we all live in, and that includes our lives too, not just the internet, there are literally thousands (maybe millions) of photography blogs.  How are we supposed to wade through all the useless crap and find something that matters?  With a little guidance from APB.  Luckily you have me to support you and show you what matters.....  or at least what I feel matters.

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The Focal Flame Photographers offer a VERY unique service.  Seeing their unique approach to a world full of similar photographers is inspiring and eye-opening.  They have literally created their own genre of photography.  Focal Flame Photography was just recently launched, so I'm sure they have a ton of new material to be posted in the galleries on the website soon.

The photography is not all that matters in focal flame however, it's all about a combination of writer/photographer, and consists of husband-wife team, Clint Thayer and Robyn Perrin.  The approach is narrowed down to just the client, an athlete.  They follow the athlete in training and competition and focus on them, capturing images showcasing the skill, determination, and efforts of the athlete.  From there they will create a book with a narrative (after interviews with athlete, coaches, family and friends), portfolios for sponsorship, and several other options.

One very cool thing is that their prices are actually affordable!  I feel the rates are extremely reasonable and believe that their is a HUGE market for their services.  Most parents would gladly spend that amount to have a book chronicling their child's dedication and love of sports.

According to Robyn, "We have a business model that is a bit unusual in the sports genre: we do individual client-engagement photo sessions at events (and in training), rather than the on spec/en mass work that is more typical. Think wedding photography meets triathlon (or cycling, or running, etc etc). We also provide written services, interviewing athletes to develop custom books or websites. I take a journalistic approach, sitting down with not only the client but family, coaches, or others whose quotes are critical to telling the athlete's story."

In my years of photography I have never heard of anything like this.  I'm excited to see such a different style, and a valuable service.  The professionals in any sport get this kind of coverage, but for a high school athlete, or any other athlete, this is great!  As a kid I would have loved if my parents did something like this to showcase my skills as a mountain biker or skier.

On their blog,  the writing approach has a more professional, polished, and novel-like feel then 99% of all blogs I've seen.  The articles read almost as short stories and are very entertaining.  Clint's excellent images are showcased throughout the articles and really give a great and artistic feel to the story. I highly recommend reading through their posts.  They have different styles in different posts, so be sure to check out a few.

This dynamic duo has some great ideas for the photo world.  If your struggling right now to make ends meet as a photographer, maybe its time to change your approach.  There are literally millions of outlets and options for what we can do as photographers, add a journalist to your photography approach and you've opened up even more doors.  Take a chance and try something different!  It seems to be working great for Clint and Robyn!

You can view the Focal Flame website here.

That's the BUZZ for Today!  Please check back soon for more.


Robyn said...

Thanks so much for the review - we are thrilled to have the Focal Flame Photography blog highlighted! AFP readers are more than welcome to contact us with questions, comments or feedback - we'd love to hear your thoughts.
- Robyn Perrin

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