Thursday, June 17, 2010

The 100th article: Top 10 Posts in APB history!

It was tough coming up with something spectacular for the 100th article.  But considering how many articles full of useful information are on APB, I decided it would be fitting to list the top 10 articles of all time.


#1:  Get Published in Magazines

#2:  The Ins-and-Outs of Event Photography

#3:  Photoshop Basics: Sharpening 101

#4:  Do's and Dont's of Skiing Photography

#5:  Pricing, Your Professional Life Depends On It

#6:  Mountain Bike Action: Top Tips

#7:  Balancing Fill Flash with Ambient Light

#8:  Creating Soft and Even Lighting

#9:  Extreme Sports Photography

#10: Creating Your Website Portfolio

These, in my opinion, are all must-reads.  But be sure to check out the Index page and see what else is offered at APB.  Learn all kinds of tips, and see some of what I do in the "Shoot Journal" section.  From dealing with clients, to learning photography and editing, APB has something for everyone.

Thank You for visiting All Photo Buzz and helping me make it what it is Today.  From here the sky is the limit and I couldn't keep this up without the support of my loyal readers!  Feel free to comment below with links to articles that have helped you in any way.

That's the BUZZ for Today! Please check back soon for more.


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