Monday, September 20, 2010

Photographers Blogs you should follow: Chase Jarvis

Chase Jarvis Blog

Chase Jarvis had quickly become a HUGE name in the photography world.  His work is diverse, stylistic and inspirational.  It seems like he somehow is involved with all the top photography companies, runs his blog, a studio, captures breathtaking imagery, creates artistic and unique videos, and finds time to take tons of pictures everyday with his camera phone in between.  Many of us find it tough just to manage a shooting schedule each week.  I'm pretty sure he never puts his camera down.  And that's a lesson in itself.  If you want to be a photographer, you must live, eat, and breath photography.  Oh, and did I mention that he also works with Creative Live to create videos teaching photography?

I'm posting this article, because I found his video titled "Benevolent Mischief" made me want to head out and start filming an artsy/stylish video right away, with my video-capable DSLR.  The movie is very cool and unique.  It also shows that with some hard work, the right people, and some skills/direction, anyone can create an indie style movie.  Video is embedded below:

Chase's philosophy is that "the best camera is the one thats with you".  It's an idea that no matter how crappy the camera you have is, you can still take photos and get great images.  I really have taken to this idea.  Since I first picked up a DSLR I've decided that I must always have it with me if I want to capture anything good.  This isn't true!  Sometimes, the cheaper cameras defects make them take amazingly cool pictures.  Plus, having a crappy camera with you is better than having no camera at all when you see something you need to shoot!

So check out Chase Jarvis' Blog and start following it.  There's tons of information there so spend a little time and soak it all in.  It will be very beneficial to your shooting and outlook on life as a photographer.

That's the Buzz for Today!  Please check back soon for more.


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