Friday, October 22, 2010

10 Awesome photography articles and tutorials for learning and inspiration

The internet is such a vast source of information that it's sometimes tough to wade through all the junk and get to the good stuff.  As a loyal APB reader, you have already found one site that's loaded with the good stuff so go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back!

Here are some articles that any photographer can find useful.  I've placed links with a brief description.  So check em' out and spread that APB love.

These links are in no particular order, and all are highly recommended.

  • Digital Photo Buzz - Lighting- Keep it simple  - This great post covers a philosophy that I've tried to convey many times here at APB.  Don't overcomplicate your work.  Sometimes the best images occur naturally and don't need any flash or extra gear.  I like this philosophy and think that Mark does a great job explaining it in this article.
  • Chase Jarvis Blog - Take a Chance  - Chase Jarvis is a huge name in the photography world right now, and he continues to grow.  This post talks about the risk you need to take to make it big.  In photography, it's important to take risks and put it all on the line.  I love the way Chase explains it here!
  • by Syl Arena - Dimming the sun with high-speed sync part 1 and part 2  -This amazing article will teach you all you could need to know about high-speed sync on your flash.  Syl's explanations are very clear and easy to remember.  I highly recommend spending some time on his site learning even more about your flash (specifically Canon users but just as useful for Nikon guy's like me.)
  • - Lighting 101 Series - David Hobby is the man, myth, and legend when it comes to off-camera flash.  His blog contains more lighting information than you would believe could be possible.  Check out all these posts to learn about taking your flash off-camera.  Then spend some time really looking around the site.  Your photographic life could be changed because of it!
  • - 10 things photographers should NOT do -  This article pretty much sums up your life as a photographer and what you should NOT be doing.  Though I typically tend to focus more on the things you SHOULD be doing, this article is very smart and well-written.
  • Digital Photography School - 5 Steps to Better Photography (by: Eva Polak) -  Eva does a great job with this article because it's not what you'd typically expect.  Most articles are all about camera settings, light settings, or more technical aspects.  Photography is not all about the technical.  It's about creativity and using design/lighting to showcase your vision.  This is a great article that really does make you approach photography a bit differently.
  • - 13 tips for staying motivated in your photography -  These tips are all very good and incredibly useful.  Not only will they help you stay motivated as a photographer, but I guarantee that if you follow these you will become a better photographer.  Read this one through a couple times because these are tips that should be taken to heart.
  • - Are you trying to get published? Editing counts - This site is chock full of great information for becoming a professional photographer.  Rather than discussing techniques or photography skills, it covers marketing and photographer's rights.  This article discusses the importance of editing down your image selections to only the very best work.  I really liked the last line where the author mentions, "just because you fell in love with one of your images, doesn’t mean the photo buyer will too.  This statement is something I learned a few years ago and firmly believe in.  It's easy to get attached to an image because of sentimental value, or how tough the capture was.  Don't let that rule your view of the image, ask someone else to look at it too.
  • - How using strong ND filters can create awesome results - ND filters are something that aren't discussed as much as they should be.  I'll admit that I have some too, and usually forget to bring them along.  This article inspired me to start carrying mine.  It also teaches you how to get those amazing sunrise/sunset photos at the beach where the water is blurred.  There's a lot more useful information at as well so be sure to checkout the rest of the site.
  • - In photography, rules aren't laws - What a great article!  The author is very funny and entertaining, a highly recommended read.  Bring out your inner rebel and start breaking the rules, don't let all the guidelines and books about technique control your imagery!


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