Monday, October 25, 2010

Nikon Rumors -

If your anything like me, than announcements of new gear and even rumors of new gear are mind-blowing and extremely exciting. has provided me with some rumors to be incredibly excited about!  They are constantly posting updates on anything and everything Nikon.  If you love Nikon, then this is a site you'll want to add to your list.  I won't forget about the Canon users either (though this post is all about Nikon).  If your a Canon user, be sure to check out

Then new Nikon D4 (When it's released) is speculated to be 16 megapixels (finally we get some more pixels....) and shoot full HD video with a continuous photo drive of 11 images per second.  These are some outstanding numbers.  I'm also going to speculate that autofocus will work continuously through HD video shooting like the D3100.

After that, the D4X should be released, only it will shoot 34MP.  HUGE IMAGES with what I'm sure will be OUTSTANDING QUALITY!

And finally, the D700 will be replaced by the brand new D800.  It will shoot full HD as well and run at 24MP, SWEET!!

All this is great and exciting, but I'm sure it will come with a steep price tag.  I would like to remind all of you that gear does not make you a better photographer (it can help with quality) and that you should be proud of and happy with what you already have.  Don't let the excitement of new gear overpower the excitement of capturing a great image.  New tools are sweet but they are useless unless you know how to use them to create something great!


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