Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Get outta that Funk! GO SHOOT!!!

As aspiring professional photographers it's very easy to get into the photographer's funk.  I just coined that term but feel free to borrow it and spread it around.  Photographer's funk is when you aren't out shooting enough cause your always finding excuses not too.  I've been there before and am sure it will happen again.  Next time I will get outta that funk quick!


It's really disappointing when it happens and kind of depressing.  Whether your not shooting cause the weather is bad, or your spending all your time in front of the computer hoping to land more jobs. The funk happens, and when it sets in it's tough to break.  It's kind of like writer's block.

Photographer's are SMART people, some of the smartest in fact.  We are tech savvy, artistic, and intelligent.  Sometimes, we are thinking too much, and let that thinking block us from shooting.  So here's a phrase you need to block out of your mind "I can't shoot today because...."  There is always an excuse.  Quit making it.

Just go out and shoot some images.

That's it.  Shoot now, shoot tomorrow, shoot everyday.

Call your friends up and get them to come with as models, make it fun and don't worry about what to do with the images when your done.

I can guarantee right now that your career will fall out of it's depressing downward run.


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