Monday, May 16, 2011

A few thoughts....

Sitting at the home-office (AKA..Living Room, Man Cave, Lair of Doom....) working right now and had a few quick thoughts I felt like posting.  Few means 3 in case you didn't know!

#1:Working from home as a photographer can be both a blessing and a curse.... if you find yourself working too much...curse.  Slacking and playing video games.... curse.  Balancing life perfectly? Blessing.  Most people fall into the curse genre...

#2:You can never have too many images.  Shoot every opportunity you get, and don't pass up on a chance shoot just because you're doubtful of the outcome.  The more images you shoot, the higher the chance of landing great images.  It's simple math.  Even a monkey could land a great shot if he fired enough! Not that you are monkeys... just more food for thought...

#3: No matter how badly you wish for it, that random unexpected million dollar check is not going to show up in the mail (my fingers are still crossed!)  You actually will have to spend time marketing your work, or at least landing an agent to do that part for you.  With the right marketing approach, even photographer's that aren't very good can make a living.  Be a great photographer, and make a living with great marketing!

That's it for now... more thoughts to come.



Mike's Road Trip said...

Hey Connor,

Nice to have met ya the other day camping in Canyonlands. Love your work...some great stuff! Also enjoyed this post...have to agree.

If you have a chance, hit and check out some of my adventures.


Anonymous said...

Hey Connor

Its so true as photographer working from home
i still have to balance work and play (run after kids)
But i would not give up just love the life style

If I'm not a camera or computer I'm out marketing me and my business and never let an opportunity go by or give my business a plug

Ron Wilson
Cassowary coast image

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