Monday, August 30, 2010

Shoot what you love to shoot

Photography is a passion, an art, a lifestyle, and if your smart enough, a career.  As a photographer, you are challenged to come up with consistently enticing and amazing photographs for clients and yourself.  The vision grows with you and becomes better with time, but for success, should follow a basic rule:  Shoot what your love to shoot.  In other words, don't force a career by shooting subjects that don't entice you.  Spend your time shooting the things that you enjoy shooting, and build your career off those subjects.


If you follow your passion, and really stick with it, you can become a huge success.  But when photography turns into work that your only doing for the money, you lose some of your vision and passion.  Stick with the subject matter that is important to you and your photos will reflect your happiness.  If skateboarding is your favorite thing in the world, shoot it!  If weddings are your cup of tea, shoot them!  The one's who shoot just for the money rarely get great images.

Few people in the world seem to do what they love to do.  This is great for the rest of us, because they do the jobs that help us in our daily lives.  However, it's quite disappointing when you meet someone who has all kinds of passion for something, but wastes their time away just to make a paycheck.  As photographers, we get to do a job that we love.  What could be better in the world?

The main thing to take from this if your just starting out, is that your work should reflect your passions and interests.  Without this, your imagery will not be of the highest quality, and you will be working purely for a paycheck.  Artists should do what they love, and photographers are artists too.


In the world we live in, a person can create a job that may have never existed.  Say your interested in shooting pictures of chairs, and only chairs.  In many countries, you can make a living at that!  How, you might ask?  Create or find a need for photos of chairs.  It sounds ridiculous for sure, and kind of like a scam, but this is the truth!  How do you think that people have made millions of dollars selling products that no one should ever need or want?

I'm getting a little off track here.... Life is too short to waste capturing images of things that are uninteresting.  Does this mean that you should pass on every job that may come your way that might not be fun?  NO!  If you need the money, then you may have to take a lame assignment every once in a while.  But really work towards your passion, and you will make it happen!

That's the BUZZ for Today!  Please check back soon for more.


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